Our selection of wholesome vegetables & fruits.


DAT-Schaub is a premium brand focusing on targeting quality conscious consumers. The products range locally consists of a variety frozen vegetables and French fries. With more than 30 years in the market, DAT-Schaub  has earned a very strong reputation for both quality and reliability.

DAT-Schaub has been present more than 30 years in the market


Findus offers a huge variety of affordable frozen products. They are based in France, but their products are found all around the world. Fine Foods, brings to you, a range of their frozen vegetables, processed and packed for your convenience. They are available in most supermarkets around the island.

Findus Foods is one of the largest frozen food companies in Europe.


SB’s frozen fruits and vegetables are harvested at peak ripeness, nutritional value and taste and then snap frozen to lock in goodness all year round. They are fantastic quality products, that we distribute all over the island and are available in all leading supermarkets.

The SB brand uses high grade berries for their production.