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Captain Hook is one of our in house brands. Our products are sourced both locally and from around the world, to bring you the best value for money. Our product range under this brand offers lobster, fish, prawns, scampi, mussels, squid, octopus, and much more. Captain Hook is available in most supermarkets around the island.

Captain Hook is one of the leading supermarket sold seafood brands in Mauritius.


La Ferme Marine de Mahebourg is located in the most pristine water on the Eastern coast of Mauritius, close to Pointe aux Feuilles.  There, passionate Mauritian entrepreneurs set out world class aquaculture operations that deliver a fish of delicate texture known as Tropical Bass which is praised by renowned Chefs both locally & internationally. La Ferme Marine exports more than 2000 tons of Tropical bass around the world every year.

Ferme Marine de Mahebourg is situated in Mauritius, in the middle of the Indian Ocean where their fish is free from environmental contamination


Our smoked marlin is unique! With its exquisite & extraordinary flavour, Black River Seafood smoked marlin, traded under the Brand name Makaira, is recommended & served in most of Mauritian hotels. Most tourists visiting Mauritius are treated to this culinary sensation. Our smoked marlin is a unique & highly sought after delicacy. We are proud to serve our customers with such a high quality & proudly Mauritian product.

Black River Seafood only uses the best ingredients to produce safe, unique & high quality products.