We have a range of exceptional meat cuts & grades


One of our very own brands, Country Choice offers a selection of frozen meat products catered and suited for the Mauritian market. Our products consist of a variety of Beef, Buffalo, Lamb, Mutton and other meat products. We have a selection of different cuts to choose from. Country Choice is a value-for money priced product without compromise on quality.

Country Choice is one of the leading supermarket sold frozen meat brands in Mauritius.


The Australian Meat Group is a supplier of high quality meat products from Australia. With their renowned standards, decades of experience in the meat processing sector and proven performance, they export to countries all around the world. Their products consist of different cuts of high quality beef.

The AMG processing facility is situated in the Gippsland region, famed for producing some of the country’s best pasture-fed cattle


Forming part of the Australian Meat Group, AMG Southern Ranges Platinum brand is processed in their state of the art facility in Dandenong, which is located just beside the Gippsland region. This location has favourably allowed them to build strong relationships with many of the farmers in the locality, allowing them all year access to some of the highest grade livestock Australia has to offer.

The Southern Ranges Platinum by AMG is 100% grass fed, no hormone growth promotants, Antibiotic free and a high level of marbling.


JBS is Australia’s largest beef processor and one of the largest lamb processors, and therefore the largest multi-species producer, marketer and  exporter in Australia. Their extensive product range includes a wide variety of beef, lamb and mutton, produced at their processing facilities strategically situated down the eastern seaboard of Australia.

JBS is the largest (by sales) meat processing company in the world.


Based in southern New South Wales, where majestic rivers, the Murry, Lachlan, Darling and Murrumbidgee, intertwine their way through fertile hills you can find the Riverina region. The Riverina has achieved a global reputation for premium quality and consistency with volume to match. We are proud to bring you the finest Black Angus beef from this region.

Riverina Angus brand uses the finest quality cattle on grains that have been selected by industry leading nutritionists.


Thomas Foods International provides premium quality Australian meat around the world. They offer a broad product range of premium lamb, beef, goat, mutton, and other co-products that are tailored to meet unique requirements of different markets in various countries that they supply to.

Thomas Foods International is an Australian family-owned company based in South Australia.


Founded in 1824, AACO is Australia’s largest wagyu producer. With stations covering hectares of Australia’s purest & pristine environment, AACO’s wagyu is naturally clean, safe & hormone free certified. AACO proudly carries the reputation of being one of Australia’s most luxurious & sophisticated beef brands.

AACO wagyu is recommended by World’s finest Chef.


Stanbroke is an Australian integrated beef and cattle company, that is family owned. Their focus is to consistently provide premium beef to their customers. From breeding their own cattle for selection programs to vast cattle stations and backgrounding properties to finishing and processing facilities, Stanbroke allows for the highest possible standards and care. They are well known for their Signature Black Angus, which is the product we distribute for them.

So renowned, on some of the most creative menus at the best restaurants in the world you’ll see the words: Signature Black Angus.


Ze Meat Box is another one of our very own brands. Through this brand, we bring to you premium processed meat products. All Ze Meat Box products are sold chilled and packed with a modified atmospheric packaging to ensure that they stay fresher for longer. We offer premium cuts, sausages and more.

Ze Meat Box products are only sold fresh.